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Willy Olsen

Direct: (760) 985-2671

Office: (949) 478-1923

Licensed since 2003. My years of experience has allowed me to be beneficial in many facets of real estate.

Covering not only income investment properties, but also commercial - sales & leasing, business sales, land sales and the sale of unique properties like geodesic and earth homes. 

I have listed and sold everything from beach front properties to large agricultural land parcels to various types businesses. 

Mortgage Rates Near 7%

Nearly 5.5 million more households are priced out of the housing market today than a year ago, NAR data shows.The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rose again this week, averaging 6.79% and forcing more home buyers to recalculate their budget. Mortgage applications for home purchases are falling—down 31% year over year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. But economists say mortgage rates are likely to drop in upcoming weeks, which could h

16 Clever Ploys to Brighten your Rooms

Decorating and designing with glass ranges from introducing weight-bearing structures to simple but cleverly placed mirrors. All will work to make a house lighter Making a house lighter can be as simple as bringing more mirrors or glazed panels into your home, or as complicated as replacing sections of roofing with glazing.Here, we explore the best ways to get more light into a house to brighten rooms; some are quick and easy to choose, others me

Mortgage Rates Hit New 2023 High on Debt Ceiling, Inflation Worries

For bond market investors who provide the funding for most U.S. mortgages, the debt ceiling crisis won't be over until Congress actually votes to approve the deal negotiated over the weekend Worries that the U.S. may default on its debt could keep mortgage rates climbing this week even after negotiators reached a deal over the weekend to raise the debt ceiling.For bond market investors who provide the funding for most U.S. mortgages, th

Second Month of Home Price Gains Signals End to Year of Declines

US home prices rose 0.7% in March, notching a second-straight month of upticks while suggesting declines that began in 2022 may be winding down, according to data from CoreLogic and the FHFA U.S. home prices rose 0.7 percent in March from a year earlier, notching a second-consecutive month of annual increases while signaling a possible end to a year of price stagnation, according to data released Tuesday from CoreLogic.Despite the razor-thin

Memorial Day and Always…

Honoring those that sacrificed their lives fighting to bless us with a greater and better home.

9 "Minimaluxe" Kitchen Design Trends

Minimaluxe kitchens blend together the simplicity of minimalism with the warmth of a modern rustic style, creating a look that feels wonderful - and luxe - to live in Minimalism is never going out of style. It's been around in some form or another for decades and is loved by designers the world over. However, what tends to happen with such longstanding trends, is every now and then they shift slightly, a 'new' version of the trend starts to come

Google Search Ads Will Soon Auto Adapt to Queries Using Generative AI

Google is going to start using generative AI to boost Search ads’ relevance based on the context of a query, the company announced at its Google Marketing Live event today. Last year, the tech giant rolled out automatically created assets (ACA) for Search ads, which use content from landing pages and existing ads to generate headlines and descriptions.Soon, Google will boost ACA with generative AI to more effectively create and adapt Search ads

The Biggest Garden Trends 2023: 22 Influential Planting Schemes and Designs

From sustainable materials to dopamine planting, these are the biggest garden trends to shape outdoor spaces for the year ahead Now is the ideal time to seek inspiration from the latest garden trends 2023 to start planting and landscaping your outdoor space to be summer ready.While every garden is different there are key garden trends each year that can help to reshape how we curate an outdoor haven for entertaining and relaxing. In recent y

Green-Friendly Home Updates Come Big and Small

The eco-friendly home is in demand. Here’s how to make yours one. Home buyers are willing to spend an extra $50,000 for an eco-friendly home that saves on energy costs, according to a new report(link is external) from Payless Power, an energy provider based in Texas. “With energy costs skyrocketing for households across the U.S, many are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on energy providers,” the report notes. The company